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GROUPE INNOVAMBER INC. supports the efforts of non-profit organizations whose mission is to make knowledge accessible to all. 
In the same spirit, GROUPE INNOVAMBER publishes and makes available to the general public a number of scientific works . These books are generally available in various formats: hardcover, pdf, ePUB , audio.

Berrekia Amalia. (2022) THE SCIENTIFIC FOUNDATIONS of MEDITATION. The Art of Doing Nothing and Living a Better Life, Westmount: GROUPE INNOVAMBER. Language: English

Berrekia Amalia. (2022) EINSTEIN? NEWTON? WHO WAS WRONG? AND YET ... SCHRÖDINGER DID IT! Revised and Expanded Edition, Montreal: GROUPE INNOVAMBER. Language: English

This book is intended for anyone with common sense. Only the appendix requires some mathematical knowledge, since it develops a demonstration of Schrödinger’s equation. Was Galileo right when he stated that " the book of Nature was written in mathematical language "?Nothing can go faster than light; why is that? What is real? What is time? Can we reverse the direction of the arrow of time? What is our intelligence made of? What is wrong with quantum mechanics? Scientific and simple answers are found in this book, intended for a large audience.

Berrekia Amalia. (2021) LIVRE II - UNE PHYSIQUE VIBRANTE DE BON SENS – Comprendre avant d’apprendre, Montréal : GROUPE INNOVAMBER.Language: French

If you consider physics as a hard-to-understand or boring discipline, this book is for you. It explains and reconciles our quantum universe and macroscopic one in a simple manner, without having to renounce our common sense. Our day-to-day lives are governed by the same rules, whether we are dealing with our internet connection or a quantum system. Language: French

Berrekia Amalia. (2021) LIVRE I- UNE VIBRANTE RÉALITÉ- Schrödinger, Son équation, Son chat – Seconde édition augmentée, Montréal : GROUPE INNOVAMBER.Language: French

We are written in mathematics! Galileo already declared that the book of Nature was written in mathematics. In this first volume, we show the validity of this statement. More than that! What is our reality made of? How do we detect it? Is it as continuous as it seems? Does TIME exist by itself? Are we its makers? Why is quantum mechanics wrong? Where is this world of multiple possibilities? What does exactly happen during a measurement or an observation? Scientific and indisputable answers, straightforward to grasp, will be found in this book.

Berrekia Amalia. (2016) LA CORDÉE MULTIVERSELLE – Un Aperçu de la théorie des cordes – Seconde édition revue et augmentée, Montréal : GROUPE INNOVAMBER. Language: French

This book recalls in a simple way key elements of string theory. No mathematical background is necessary. Discover this fascinating world!

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