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Internet of Things (IoT)

Hey, Bud, tell me about it- What do you mean by object?

Any object: your corporate machines, your home thermostat, your car, your cell phone, your lighting bulbs, your video camera system...


Well, these objects are communicating with each other using an internet connection, for instance. Actually, they must be part of a network (LAN, WAN).

Why do people need this kind of stuff?

I see 2 main purposes- One is remote monitoring of devices (home or corporate). The second would be data collection for future processing (data mining, predictive algorithms,service improvement, marketing, statistics....)
For instance, using an app installed on your cell phone, and built to send-receive data from  your home smart thermostat, you can control your home temperature. Same thing using an app controlling your home lighting , your refrigerator or your video surveillance system, open the doors... and you don't need to be at home- you do that remotely..
More sophisticated controllers give users the ability to remotely control their corporate devices, cities' assets,  Imagine how many objects can be interconnected so they receive commands or send data. Smart objects, smart cities, smart buildings... That's to-morrow world.

Are you telling me that these lighting bulbs in my living room can be remotely switched on and off?

Not these ones- Smart bulbs, sold with the necessary built-in electronic circuits- Other objects might need specific sensors and additional electronics.

I see a problem -- I have more than fifty objects I would like to control when I am not on premises . How many apps do I have to install on my cell or is there one unique app controlling every connected object

Excellent point! There is no standard, for the moment, even between different manufacturers of the same type of products. It's a concern and people are working on that. But not only that - Security, jammed networks on account of the huge volume of information - big data - are also big issues.



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