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Excexcerpt from the book :
Berrekia, Amalia (2016). « PROMENADE DANS LES MULTIVERS » (Chapitre VII) , dans LA CORDÉE MULTIVERSELLE – Un Aperçu de la théorie des cordes – Seconde édition revue et augmentée,. Montréal : GROUPE INNOVAMBER, p. 62


« Our sun consumes its life in expansion–contraction cycles like so many stars before turning into neutron stars or black holes. It seems clear, at this point of the presentation, that my attachment to the Big Bang theory is weak, if not zero. A kind of "cosmic breathing, the breath of our multiverse" (expression of my own), expansions and contractions following each other cyclically, just as our lungs would do, seems more plausible to me. The duration of the breath of a universe included in the breath of one multiverse can only be undetectable at this multiverse time scale. What was my surprise when, many years later, I heard about a group of researchers in the world who made a hypothesis close to mine and therefore doubted the existence of a Big Bang, the alleged beginning of everything! There are indeed physicists who think that the Big Bang, if it took place, must have occurred an eternity ago in the past. However, they do not mention any "cosmic breathing". Other physicists resolutely deny a beginning of anything. »



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